Sunday, 17 August 2008

Back from Scotland and I have a few thoughts

Hi folks. Well I am back from my holiday to Scotland and I think I have some pretty promising photographs. I will know for sure once I've had chance to go threw them all. I did notice a few things on holiday that did interest or amuse me.
1. I think I'm starting to think more like a photographer now. I caught myself a few times saying to myself oh that would make a lovely black and white photo or I will need HDR to make the best of that shot and things like that.
2. I really need to learn how to use the manual functions on my camera - so far all modes have been preset (shock horror) with me not knowing how to achieve what I'm looking for
3. I really no nothing at all about photography or a cameras functions - sure I've always been interested in learning about it but somehow managed to remember very little of the photography skills I gained while doing A level art and design (my major subjects were photography based)
4. Using a tripod gives better results - not surprising really
5. I am getting less self conscious of people seeing me out and about with my camera - I even plonked my tripod right next to where somebody was standing because they had the best view point
6. My husband seems to enjoy photography as well and didn't seem to resent traipsing about with me and my camera. I call him my camera caddy.
7. For some reason I have this thing about photographing an abandoned country house or something. I had to settle for some castle ruins - but it didn't really give me the right kind of fix
8. I've also got a thing for walls - especially nice stone walls and dry stone walls - but I haven't had a recent fix of that either.

I do have just 1 picture that I can share with you for now (above). Its a corker IMHO. Its a castle (or castle ruins) that we drove past on our way from Aviemore to Stirling. There was a layby across a field from it and I thought I was a great opportunity for a photograph. The lighting was pretty terrible as it had been for days and so I thought I'd see how well HDR would help to bring out the darker areas. I do realise HDR is not everyone's taste but I lvoe vibrant colours and exaggerated contrast and saturation so it definitley appeals to me anyway.

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