Tuesday, 19 August 2008

If I had my way.....

If I had my way all inconsiderate and ignorant people who step in front of your camera when your trying to take a phot will be hung at dawn. Ok so that's a little strong maybe so let me name and shame them at least. Oh ok then....I'll just show you and forget the names (since I don't know them anyway.

We found a secluded part of a loch and I set up my tripod and just affixed my camera on top. I was just selecting my settings and about to press the shoot button and hey what's this? 2 people appear in my shot. Now if I'd been discretely taking a photo I could have forgiven them for wondering onto my shot. But I'm stood there with a bloody tripod and DSLR camera for crying out loud. So I cleared my throat loudly trying to get there attention. they looked at me and carried on with what they were doing. It was pretty dam obvious I just wanted 2 seconds without them in the frame but would they cooperate? No. Bloody tourists ;)

The culprits.

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