Sunday, 14 December 2008

Christmas is nearly upon us and I have sooooo much to do before the family turn up on Christmas Day. Not much can be prepared beforehand really so I did the one thing I could do in advance - putting up the tree. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Christmas tree
The tree - ok fake some surprise - you didn't know it was a tree did you

Christmas Star
My tin foil star - couldn't afford a new star. Blue Peter would be proud.

Sparkly Christmas Tree Bauble
I love these glitzy baubles

Wirey Christmas Bauble
And I love these birds nest ones as well :)

I really struggled to get these photos. If I used flash then the colours (even adjusting the white balance) looked terrible but if I didn't use flash they were blurred. I didn't know how to get round that although I've since found something that explains how to photograph Christmas trees and lights. Check out the links below.

Webshots blog
Strobist - how to photograph Christmas lights
How to photography Christmas lights and other holiday events

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