Monday, 15 December 2008

Layer merging

I was tinkering about trying to merge some layers at the weekend. I really loved this effect and especially how it contrasted very well with the eyes. I'm not very impressed with the effect around the mouth and chin area but I am quite sure this is due to insufficient light in this area and should be easily solved. I am pretty smitten by the eyes though.

In the second picture I deliberately placed the subject in front of the light as I wanted to get a thin strip of light running down the profile of the face. The weather was really quite miserable that day and when I viewed the photos it looked as though somebody was looking longingly out of a window. Maybe hoping for better weather? So I photographed the rain on the window and then merged the 2 images together.

Day 53/365: The one with the bright eyes

Day 54/365: Does the rain ever stop?

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