Friday, 15 May 2009

Big Photo Challenge - FAQs

Can anybody join?

Can I join in any time, or have I "missed the boat"?
You can join any time - choose to join in with the current theme, or wait for next week's theme to be published.
When is the new theme published?

Who decides the themes?
I have a list of themes and use a program which randomises them. You can suggest a theme by emailing me.

Do I have to enter every week?
No, just enter when you want to, you might not like every theme, or you might be busy...that's fine.

Can I submit older photos that I have lying around?
There's no reason why not, but try not to do that every week because the aim is to use the themes to learn something about photography.

Is there a winner?
No, because the aim is for everyone to learn something about photography, not to find out who's the best :)


  1. I don't have a blog or web page. Can I submit from a link to If so, how?

  2. Hi Dan you can submit a photobucket link (instead of a blog link) by adding the link to the Linky Tool that is placed under each assignment post. I haven't tried it out, but it should work. The downside is that nobody will be able to leave you any comments - unless they subscribe to Photobucket too. What about starting a blog just for your photo challenges. They're easy to set up :)