Sunday, 2 May 2010

Big Photo entry

This week's theme in the Big Photo Challenge is "abandoned".
The Big Photo Challenge
When I pulled this one off the random theme generator I thought "oh great, there's loads of stuff I could photograph", but as I looked into it each idea just seemed a bit contrived and predictable. Never one to be predictable, I decided to start thinking laterally, and this is what I came up with...
{forgot to record the settings, but I will do next time!}

Here is the story behind the may wish to go grab a coffee or looooong drink :)

A number of years ago I had what could only be described as my worst year in living memory. I had a number of traumas going on over a really short space of time and for a while, I really couldn't see light at the end of the tunnel. I did what I always did...just went into denial mode and carried on as if nothing had happened. Although I couldn't see it at the time, I was actually coping by over eating...and there started my descent into self destruction, self-sabotage and the abandonment of my self respect and confidence. Along with that went a HUGE pile of clothes which had to be abandoned because I no longer fit into them. Over the years, this pile of clothes has served to remind me of what a failure I've been...until now.

If you've been following my personal blog, you will know that I recently started the weight loss journey to beat all weight loss journeys. I want my life back...I want my self respect back...I want my confidence back. So this weekend, I started sorting through some of those abandoned old clothes which have tortured me over the years and sorted them out into piles of different sizes. I came across some clothes which I hadn't fit into for long before I outgrew them and this is one of those items of clothing. I remember buying it originally because I loved the detail...the different fabrics...the beads...the small pearls. I still love that top and I am determined that I am going to fit into it again this space!


  1. Hmmm, you should have posted this with your linky post. You silly lady :)

  2. That top is absolutely gorgeous! I am really looking forward to seeing you in it!

    Love your take on abandoned;-D

    Still trying to choose my entry. Decisiveness is SO hard.

  3. Great picture and a very inspiring story. I'm trying very hard to lose weight right now too.

  4. Heather - it IS linked to my linky along with yours and everyone elses :p

    Amanda - stay will happen one day

    Andrea - how's it going?

  5. Oh, ok. Lost 10 pounds so far this year.

  6. Louise, you missed understood what I meant but ANYWAY!! It's a GORGEOUS top and you will get back into it soon enough :) Love ya!

  7. That's GREAT news Andrea! You will get there...just need to stick with it...easier said than done I know!

    Heather...I'm lost LOL. I'll quit while I'm behind :p

  8. Love your story Louise, thanks for sharing. And the top is beautiful :)