Saturday, 15 May 2010

Big Photo entry

This week's theme in the Big Photo Challenge is "three".
The Big Photo Challenge
I can't tell you how difficult I found this week's challenge! "Three" sounds easy, but I was struggling to find 3 coordinating objects...or three of anything really for that matter. I eventually settled on this...
{3 of my new business cards}
I {finally} got around to ordering some business cards for myself last week, since more and more people that I meet in "real life" are taking an interest in my blog/graphic design blog. I was so thrilled with them, that I'm planning a separate post on business cards and Moo at some point, but I decided to make do with a photo of 3 of my beloved business cards.

I'm not entirely happy with the way the photo turned out but, only after editing it a little to improve the brightness and contrast, I remembered something important. When you're photographing something that is predominantly white, you need to set some exposure compensation, otherwise your camera will adjust the lighting so that white appears 18% grey. How could I forget that?! Well I guess it's been a while.

Find out more about exposure compensation when photographing white objects


  1. Nice business cards! I am also interested in your information about compensation with white in the shot. I'll have to read up on that :)

  2. You can set up your camera using a kind of test card, which stops this happening, but I haven't got one and not sure I'd know how to use one. I just know that I need more practice photographing white stuff LOL.

  3. I think it looks pretty good. And I like your new cards.