Saturday, 5 June 2010

Big Photo Challenge - New

This week's theme in the Big Photo Challenge is "new".
The Big Photo Challenge
My phone contract came to an end about a month ago and this week I finally got round to renewing it...who needs phone? Right? I selected this phone based on the fact it was supposed to have a decent camera at 8.1MP and with no serious contrast issues. I have yet to find out if it does in fact just give me 8.1MP of rubbish, after all, it doesn't matter how many MP you have if it doesn't take a good photo!
I struggled with this one I have to admit - the shiny buttons kept glaring at me no matter what I did, so I ended up moving somewhere shady and trying again. I liked this one because the logo on the front (which is actually white metal coloured) reflected and gave me a lovely pink/purple glow...thus brightening an otherwise dull photo :)

I've decided to try and carry on with the macro thing because I thought that by constraining myself in some way, it would force me to get more inventive.

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  1. Fun! Great idea for a macro shot and new gadgets are always fun :)