Sunday, 18 July 2010

Big Photo Challenge - Green

Another late one I'm afraid...will try harder!
 I took this photo on a beach near where my sister lives - I was amazed at all the seaweed, which just made the entire beach look green!


  1. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog -- and I love it! Wow -- you're an amazing photographer, I mean it.
    Could you tell me what camera you use? I'm looking to buy a new camera and I need some suggestions. I would absolutely love it if you could drop me an answer on my blog, Summer Girl ( but I'll be checking back here in case.
    Thanks so much!

  2. Wow...that's a really cool picture!

  3. Thanks

    Emma, I can't visit your blog from here (I just got to work but I'll try and remember to leave a note on your blog later. I use a Canon Eos 450D...I think the latest version is the 550D. Prices for the 550D are about £650-700 in most of the places I've looked, but you can pick up second hand 450D's now if you do some searching. It's been a good camera and there isn't really much I'd change, except not paying a little extra for a zoom lens. They had a special offer when I bought my kit, but the lens doesn't have IS on it and I never realised (at the time) how important that would turn out to be!

  4. Such great detail and depth in this photo!