Thursday, 26 August 2010

Big Photo Challenge .... Black & White

So sorry this is late this week... I completely forgot to post it and had posted this on the wrong blog!!

Black & White

Let your mind run free with this one......

When you're done, post the photo on your blog, along with the meme button (in my sidebar). Write something about how the photo fits in with the theme and anything you learned about photography while you were taking it. Also include the camera settings if you remember to note them down. Then come back here and leave the link to your post on the Linky tool below. The link tool will work until 26th September.

Add your links here...Note that your blog MUST be public otherwise it will be removed from the link list.


  1. I tried to use the linky dealy, but it isn't working. So, I will leave you the link to my post here :

    Awesome blog, BTW

  2. Oops I know what happened.....I'll sort it out, unless Ashley gets to it first LOL. Just needs a new linky list loading.

  3. Done!

    Ashley, you're a hoot - now you know why I struggle with posting on so many blogs LOL. The Linky list wasn't working by the way. I think it must have been a Linky Tool problem because I went in there and copied the code, but the new code just wouldn't work. I've re-done it and it seems to be working....for now!

  4. Hmm.. it was working the other day, there was a link at one time?? thats weird i had tons of trouble getting it to work when i was posting, i couldnt figure out what happened. thanks for fixing it!!

  5. dunno...I think it was a linky tools problem so don't stress about it :)