Friday, 7 January 2011


This week's theme in the Big Photo Challenge is "food"
The Big Photo Challenge
Here is my entry into the food category. I'm quite aware it's not going to win any prizes LOL.
I got a new compact camera for Christmas (a Panasonic Lumix TZ8). I got it because when I went on a recent holiday, my DSLR was bit of a pain. It was great for arty-farty shots, but what I really needed was something pocket sized and something which could handle a wide range of focal lengths without me having to change lenses. I've been somewhat of a miser when it comes to camera lenses and have restricted myself to basically the kit lens, mostly because of cost implications, but also for a challenge. On holiday though it was a pain as the lens wasn't wide angle enough to squeeze in everything I wanted to capture. Sure, I could do a montage, but sometimes you just want everything in one pic, right? Hubby has the same compact camera and his holiday pics were sooooo much better than mine, simply because he had a wider angle lens. I've been trying this camera out over Christmas and whilst I do think it's a great compact camera, it doesn't beat my DSLR for my beloved macro shots. I knew it wouldn't, but I thought it might come a little closer.

I'm not too disappointed as now I have 2 cameras which (between them) give me basically everything I need. I'll still continue playing with both of them and getting the best out of them that I can.

Oh and why the orange juice? It's for the vitamins as I've been really run down and sick lately. I'm trying to eat my way out of it LOL.

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