Friday, 20 June 2008


I love looking a photos of interesting looking people. Unfortunately though I don't really have any willing subjects to allow me to practise photographing this subject much in my own life. Consequently when I do photograph people its usually myself or some unwilling subject. This makes me wonder if people wonder if I am in love with myself LOL. Of course I'm not but I can understand why people would think I am. Anyway since I don't have many photos of interesting people that I have taken myself I have taken to looking at and appreciating other peoples photos of interesting people. I've posted some of these below along with some thoughts on what I might of done differently if this was my own photo. I'm basically using it as a thinking exercise.

I like black and white photos which have just a small splash of colour though I would like to of seen the all colour version of this photo. Looking at the girl I can imagine that were missing a good colour opportunity here. I imagine her wearing bright clothes and perhaps even having colourful hair (pink or purple maybe). So that makes me wonder if this style of photography (B&W with splash of colour) is possibly better suited to environments and subjects that are mostly grey scale or otherwise not particularly colourful. That way I wouldn't be wondering what I'm missing.

I also enjoy looking at photos of people doing interesting things. I'm not sure how much I like this photo even though I like the interestingness of the subject. If I took this myself I'd try to make it more interesting by having the girl wear more interesting or colourful clothes. I would also of made the photo look more dynamic and vibrant by increasing contrast and saturation I think.

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