Tuesday, 26 August 2008

One thing I would really LOVE to photograph

I think many people have something that they really really want to photograph. For me its the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights). There is something so magical and awe inspiring about this phenomenon. And I guess its not easy to photograph either since its not something that happens every day (especially not over Yorkshire) and is incredibly hard to see with light pollution over cities. The chances of me being in the right place at the right time seem EXTREMELY remote so I won't get my hopes up. To increase my chances of spotting AB I periodically visit a website called Aurorawatch. Its updated by Lancaster University and has some excellent examples of AB such as the one below.

Kirkwall, Orkney; 400ASA Kodacolour Gold film; f5.6, 10 - 20 seconds exposure.
Captured by Paul Kenyon - source

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