Thursday, 16 July 2009

The one(s) with the rabbit

Today I couldn't decide which picture to post as I like all 3 - and they are basically the same object anyway....just different views of it. The pictures were taken at Yorkshire Sculpture all time favourite place....just incase I haven't mentioned it a few times already! This place is truly amaaaaazing....really.

The picture above was taken last autumn when all the leaves were covering the ground and adding some lovely colour to the scene. The colour was enhanced further during the HDR process. HDR photography seems to be something people either love or hate. Has anyone tried it?

You can find out more about HDR photography on Wikipedia. Essentially you take 3 photos (a bracketed exposure) is normal exposure and the other 2 are over/under exposed. Then you use some special software such as Photomatix Pro to merge the images. There are other ways to do it and get similar results although I don't think the results are as good and I'm not sure you could call it a true HDR image. And I'm not interested in the debate...I know what I like and that's what matters :)

The head - I love the angle of this shot

The feet - if you look closely the detail is amazing!

Feel free to critique....constructive of course lol


  1. Nice shots. I like the colours on the first photo. I have to study a little bit photography and then I can critique :P.

  2. Ah you don't need to know anything about it. You can critique even saying what the photo makes you feel or whatever. Some photographers get all uppity about critique but honestly anyone can do it as everyone has an opinion :)