Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Photo a day(ish)

I’ve tried this before but gave up after 100 days or so for various reasons, but I’ve decided I wanted to try again. I used to post (on a previous blog) photo every day and then I’d kind of critique it and hopefully learn something from it. Sometimes it would be a new photo and sometimes it would be an old one that I found interesting for one reason or another. So without further ado I’ll post todays photo.

This photo was taken on Filey beach (N E coast of England) in January 2009. The weather was terrible – dull and stormy and the photos just looked flat and lifeless in colour. I decided to try the photo in black and white because I thought the clouds and water would look more dramatic. So anyway, ignoring the fact that I never stuck to the rule of thirds, I think the results were fairly promising. Whilst it could still do with some corrections, I kind of like it. I would have liked something more interesting with respect to composition, but it wasn’t really the weather for hanging about!

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