Friday, 29 October 2010

Big Photo Challenge... Ideas???

Hey everyone it's Ashley!

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as far as the weekly photo challenges?? I would love a few more ideas!! I have a few written down on a list, but was wondering if anyone else had a really great idea?? if so please comment and let me know!!
I have been brainstorming a little and  I am getting to the end of my challenge ideas!!  So if you have any ideas i would love to hear them!

I really have enjoyed posting the challenge for Louise and i want to thank her so much for this opportunity! I have learned so much about myself as photographer and when given a subject find my self looking EVERYWHERE to find the perfect theme/ or the picture setting for the theme! I have learned to use settings on my camera i never knew how to use, until i wanted a certain picture. I really love seeing all of the challenge entries as well!! It really gives me awesome ideas and makes me look at things like.."why didn't i think if that?"  Thank you all for participating I hope you all continue to join in when you can!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!! I hope to hear some suggestions from you all!!


  1. How about blossoms, food, travel, water, bridge, black & white, doors, old, paintings, inclined, nature etc. :)

  2. Some ideas: sharing, seven deadly sins, respect?

  3. I'm glad you're having fun with this Ashley, I really appreciate all of your help with this. I have learned a lot of things about me and my camera too while I've been doing this...number 1 is that I'm not really very good and my camera has more limitations that I'd hoped. I don't really want to spend more money on it, so I'm trying to work within the limitations. I have discovered that I really love macro shots...or anything up close or a little abstract really.

    I have some ideas anyway:
    1. Ants Eye View - pics taken from very low perspective
    2. Creative or post processed - an opportunity to show off editing skills
    3. From the hip - pocs taken without looking through the viewfinder
    4. macros
    5. abstract
    6. monochrome or black and white
    7. food
    8. seasonal
    9. loved
    10. neglected
    11. winter
    12. feet/shoes
    13. days out
    14. weather
    15. vehicles
    16. shiny
    17. textured
    18. breaking the rules - we all know the photography rules, here we get to break them and have fun!
    19. reflections
    20. colourful

    Hope you find some inspiration there!

  4. I would love to enter your challenges I'm still trying to come up with some new and creative photos here are a few Ideas I had:
    Sillhouettes, family, in the mirror, obsession, Jewelry, All Natural, Home grown, smiles, Black and white, Selective Color, Action....
    I think that's All I have for now I'm excited to see this weeks challenge! :)