Saturday, 6 November 2010


I love shots like this, composed from multiple photos. Of course I could have blended them into a large, seamless image, but then that would be hiding the fact that it's made up of multiple shots. And I like to show the "warts and all" in my work.

Did I mention that on the day this was taken there was a big storm and at times it wasn't even possible to see the other side of the harbour? I have never seen so much rain in my life. Shortly after these pics were taken the storm drains overflowed and flooded the town, causing the town to be closed off for some time.


  1. That is an amazing shot. Great job!

  2. That looks really cool! Great shot!

  3. The composition of the picture looks great, especially with the multiple shots included. I love the melancholy scene of the landscape.

    Nice job! :)


  4. Thanks - i still have some more of these shots to publish but I just need 2 mins to do it LOL