Thursday, 24 July 2008

New Camera

So about this new camera....its a Canon Eos 450D and I'm loving it already. I only had half an hour to tinker with it last night so I just put everything on auto and stepped outside into the moonlight to see what it was capable of. The only willing subject was our cat Meg who was unusually patient while I faffed about. Here's the first 2 pics hot off the press so to speak. Not bad considering...


I can see some amazing differences already between this and my old camera (the Sony T7 compact). Things actually look like they have texture.

I'm in bit of a rush right now so I'll just copy somehting from a message board I go to. I posted this there about the pics that I'll post later on.

Ok now that might not seem surprising. It is a cat after all. But if you've ever seen a photo of my cat taken with my old camera you would wonder if he was actually just painted grey and white. I haven't had chance to learn ANYTHING about this camera yet. I literally put everything on auto and just pointed the camera. I'm actually very pleased. Amazed in fact. Things now have texture. I'm so happy LOL.

I no these are hardly great but they were the first pics I took and I wasn't going for composition or anything.

EDIT: edited to add photos. Just look at the texture of the cats coat.

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