Saturday, 26 July 2008

Took the new camera out for a spin

I decided to take the camera and instruction manual out for a spin today. Many of the photos were a bit disappointing but its only early days yet. There were a few noteworthy ones that I think were ok - if not from an aesthetic point of view but more from showing the camera capability.

Just a river at the back of a pub we went to. The light was starting to go really orangey as the evening came in.

I was trying out the flashless mode here. The instruction manual says it can be used indoors when you want to capture lighting in realistic colours. The colours came out really well but the sharpness would obviously of been better with something to rest the camera on. He was watching TV so I zoomed in close. I liked the cropped effect and the strong colouring.

Ok this was me trying to be arty farty. Not the most successful IMO but I'm sure you can see what I was TRYING to achieve. Hopefully one day I will pull it of LOL.

I find roads fascinating - ok I need to get out more. But this photo was more to show you the kind of area where we live. Its a small town but surrounded by hills and countryside.

Andy shot ahead and decided to try his best to look bored so I'd hurry up and stop it with the camera LOL

I didn't think this would come out at all cos it was shot strait into the sun really. But it was better then I thought.

Same goes for this one...
The next few were taken from the car as we were driving around. I was trying to sport mode which is supposed to be auto function for fast moving things. I think it did great. No blur at all.

A few others.

And this was were we ended the day

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