Saturday, 23 August 2008


I recently signed up with Flickr because I wanted a more professional looking photo host than Photobucket. Now I've had many happy years with photobucket but it will always remain a budget web host. Flickr however is much more than that. It has many different group which you can join (such as a group for photos of Yorkshire etc) and each group can have a forum. I love the way people can comment on your photos as well. So overall I think it has much better functions than the likes of Photobucket and Webshots. I've not even looked at other hosts such as Picassa. So who knows they might be just as good.

Anyway when I signed up to Flickr I was taken to a page run by a company called Moo. Moo (if you don't know them) produce some nifty little business cards and things from your photos. As a new user to Flickr I was entitled to 10 free cards from Moo. I only had a few naff photos in my account at that time but decided to just sent off for the 10 free cards anyway. I was pretty unimpressed with the idea to be honest. But was actually quite impressed when I saw the cards though I'm sure that with better photos they would of been much much better. If you were wanting to give business cards out then this is a uniques, interesting and relatively low budget way to do it. Should the day come that I ever need any business cards then Moo will be high up on my list of places to check out.

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