Sunday, 24 August 2008

Polarising filters

I have had a problem with (most of) my skies being really washed out no matter what setting I use. When I was asking some people in the know they suggested a graduated neutral density filter. This seemed like a great idea so I toddled off to Jessops in Huddersfield and asked for there advice. Oh your polarising filter will sort that out they said as I'd just asked for one of those for some ocean photography I'm planning. So I took the polarising filter (a snip at £35/$70 - eek) hoping that they were right. So far I've had good advice from there.

Anyway I decided to try this polarising filter out. I can't see a difference between the filtered and filterless shots. Can you? Am I supposed to be able to? Maybe it wasn't sunny enough.

The bottom one is the filtered one.

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